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Emergency Dentistry – Worcester, MA

Quality Dental Care in Your Time of Need

Dental emergencies can strike at a moment’s notice, leaving you panicked and confused about what to do. In these situations, your best bet is to call our team at Winthrop Street Dentistry right away. We’ll schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible, often later that same day. Dr. Evan Yu and Dr. Harry Golnazarian will formulate a treatment plan to get your smile back on track. If you or someone you love is experiencing a dental emergency, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for emergency dentistry in Worcester, MA!

Why Choose Winthrop Street Dentistry for Emergency Dentistry?

  • Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointments Available
  • We See Patients of All Ages
  • In-Network with Many PPO Dental Insurances

How to Handle Common Dental Emergencies

Woman calling for emergency dentistry

Even if you’re not quite sure whether what you’re dealing with is a true emergency, we urge you to call us anyway. Once we learn more about your situation, we can determine how quickly you need to come in and schedule you an appointment at the appropriate time. We’ll also provide first-aid guidance over the phone. For some of the most common dental emergencies, that advice may look like this:


Man with toothache holding cheek

Toothaches can develop for a variety of reasons. If you’re only experiencing mild discomfort, then you might have a piece of food trapped between your teeth. Try flossing and see if that helps. Severe pain, on the other hand, may indicate a dental abscess or an infected tooth that needs prompt treatment. Until your appointment, you can manage your toothache by taking over-the-counter pain medications as needed, holding a cold compress to your cheek in 10-minute intervals, or rinsing with saltwater every few hours.

Chipped/Broken Teeth

Woman with chipped or broken tooth holding cheek

If you can find the piece of the tooth that has broken off, rinse it gently and bring it to your appointment. Then, rinse your mouth with warm water, hold a clean cloth or gauze pad to the area if you’re bleeding, and apply a cold compress to cut down on swelling and pain. If the remaining tooth in your mouth has a jagged edge, place a piece of sugarless chewing gum over it to protect the soft tissues in your mouth.

Knocked-Out Tooth

Woman with knocked out tooth covering her mouth

The sooner you can get to our dental office after a tooth is knocked out, the higher the chances that we can successfully replant your tooth. Ideally, you should see us within an hour of the incident.

If possible, give us a call and let us know you’re on your way. In terms of handling the tooth, pick it up ONLY by the crown, NOT the pointed root. Gently rinse it under warm water, but do NOT dry it off. Try to carefully reinsert the tooth into its socket. If you cannot, then hold the tooth in your mouth against your cheek or in a container of milk or saline solution.

Lost Filling/Crown

Woman with a lost filling covering her mouth

While not as urgent as a knocked-out tooth, a lost dental crown or filling still requires treatment. Otherwise, the underlying tooth is more vulnerable to sensitivity, decay, infection, and other damage. After gently cleaning the restoration, try to temporarily place it back on your tooth with a dab of toothpaste or denture adhesive.

How to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Woman brushing teeth to prevent dental emergencies

While not all dental emergencies can be prevented, taking a few simple precautions can drastically reduce your risk. Be sure to:

  • Brush and floss daily to keep your teeth strong and infection-free.
  • Chew extremely hard or sticky foods carefully.
  • Avoid chewing on hard, inedible items like pens, pencils, ice, and your fingernails.
  • Visit Winthrop Street Dentistry twice a year for a routine checkup and cleaning.

The Cost of Treating Dental Emergencies

Patient discussing the cost of treating dental emergencies with dental team member

We understand that you might be worried about the cost of emergency dentistry, but trust us when we say that seeking treatment right away is more cost-effective than waiting until the issue gets worse. Acting quickly lets us address a problem in more conservative (and affordable) ways, relieving your pain while also saving you money. Our dental office is in-network with several of the nation's leading PPO dental insurances, but we also offer low- to no-interest financing to help you heal your smile without breaking the bank!

Root Canal Therapy

Model healthy tooth and tooth in need of root canal therapy

When decay has reached the sensitive nerves in the center of a tooth (called the dental pulp), it can cause the mother of all toothaches. Although root canal therapy has a reputation for being painful, this procedure is actually meant to relieve your pain. We can stop the infection in its tracks by removing the pulp. Not only does root canal therapy put an end to your toothache, but it also saves your tooth from having to be extracted.

Tooth Extractions

Woman smiling after tooth extractions

We’ll take every step we can to preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, but in some cases, a tooth is so irreparably damaged that removing it would be the best option for your oral health. Rest assured that we use the latest anesthetic techniques to help you feel comfortable during your procedure. Once you’ve healed, we can discuss your options for replacing the tooth and enjoying a full smile again.

Learn More About Tooth Extractions

TMJ Therapy 

Model of jaw and skull bone used to explain T M J therapy options

Your temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the joints located just in front of and below your ears. They allow your jaw to open, close, and move side to side. Like any joint in the body, however, the TMJ can become inflamed or strained. This may lead to TMJ disorder (TMD), which is often indicated by jaw pain and stiffness, nighttime teeth grinding, or frequent headaches. Luckily, our team is able to diagnose and treat TMD right here in our dental office.

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